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How to press CTRL & SHIFT at same time by SimKeys?

Posted: Sun Jan 05, 2020 6:03 pm
by Kukurykus
I'm able to send {F1}{HOLDMS:1500}{SHIFT} or {F1}{HOLDMS:1500}{CTRL} by SimKeys.

Both of them initiate Photoshop process by assigned function key. Because Ps script needs 1 second of refreshment to detect Shift or else Ctrl, they are used with HOLD command and follow the function key.

I use three different conditions in same script, 1st with F1, 2nd with F1 & CTRL and 3rd with F1 & SHIFT.

Because there is weird behaviour, Photoshop script can't detect support key together with function key if the function key is preceded by support key. It's why I use HOLD (refresh) to press CTRL or SHIFT after F1.

Problem with XMBC is that I can't use 4th condition of script by using: {F1}{HOLDMS:1500}{CTRL}{SHIFT}, though without XMBC it's okey doing it manually from keyboard. XMBC doesn't see neither CTRL nor SHIFT.

What is correct SimKey code to press for 1,5 second CTRL together with SHIFT, like in the above example?

EDIT: browsing forum for {ACTIVATE} I found by chance something similar to my problem (where also polish guy, MrMikeHunt tried to figure out how to do it :D): How press and hold this button down for some time ?

Acording to your tips and changes you made for him in 2.18 Beta 8 I used following solution:

Code: Select all


I'm happy it works and I could get rid of temporary workaround, so setting Button Chording with F1 (chord) without ticked 'Block / Delay...' box, and other button with a method 'During' for {CTRL}{SHIFT}. I didn't like it as I had to use 2 buttons and hold them for over one second. Now I simply click and release my button :D

Then I tried in the above code replace WAITMS by HOLDMS but it didn't work. So my conculsion is, the HOLD can be used only for one modifier, while for more of them there's a mix of WAITMS and PRESS & RELEASE :idea:

Re: How to press CTRL & SHIFT at same time by SimKeys?

Posted: Wed Jan 08, 2020 10:32 pm
by phil
I'm not entirely sure hold will work with any modifier - tbh its been years since I looked at hold (so im not surprised if its buggy) - but the intent was it would hold the subsequent (following) tag/key down for that amount of time - only applicable to methods 1 and 2 too (and if your using during, its all different anyway as everything is held down).

But it makes sense to use the press/press/wait/release/release as that will definatly hold both keys down until the release, which is after the delay.

Re: How to press CTRL & SHIFT at same time by SimKeys?

Posted: Wed Jan 08, 2020 11:07 pm
by Kukurykus
During was only temporary workaround without Hold. Normally I wanted to use it with method 1.
Okey so maybe something for future for you to take care of. Till then I'll use what I found myself.