Button chording new options ideas

x64 Replacement/Alternative to Microsoft's IntelliMouse application.
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Re: Button chording new options ideas

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Button held + chording is already on the radar but I will add a pointer in my todo list to this topic so it doesn't get forgotten.
But I'm not making any promises (other than not doing anything about it for 2.20!) because I fear I will have to completely pull out all the existing code and start again. This makes things rather painful and although as time goes on, this will have to happen more, its a big blocker for actually getting started on anything significant like this.

The problem with XMBC is that it has evolved over time, into a rather spaghetti mess (very common in my software experience) but it makes maintenance difficult and often the sensible thing to do is to effectively start again. Unfortunately that's not always an option - so slowly untangling things one at a time is all that I can really do. Remember, the next beta is intended to be all about restructuring the settings file and splitting the profiles into a tree-like structure (that should untangle quite a lot I hope). This alone is a big deal effort wise and therefore is the only major feature going into 2.20 - there will be other little bug fixes and maybe minor improvements here and there if they are minimal in scope but nothing like chording + held - which is in itself another complex item.
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