XMBC non-functional after mfgr mouse program temporarily installed

x64 Replacement/Alternative to Microsoft's IntelliMouse application.
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XMBC non-functional after mfgr mouse program temporarily installed

Post by Reginault »

XMBC Version: 2.15 and 2.18.8
Windows Version: Win10 Home
Mouse Information (brand/model): Lexma G95
Relevant Computer Information (CPU, RAM etc): Intel i7-7700K @ 4.20GHz, 16GB RAM
Did the problem occur after an upgrade of XMBC? (If so, from what version?): No
Did the problem occur after a Windows update/upgrade? (If so, from what version?): No
How long have you used XMBC?: 5 yrs
What language and keyboard layout do you use in Windows?: English

Clear description of the problem - try and include as much information as possible, including what button and mappings you are having problems with (if applicable).:

Original Problem: Red Dead Redemption 2 was receiving "browser forward" and "browser back" inputs from my mouse-4 and mouse-5 buttons, despite being disabled in X-mouse. (irrelevant: those buttons were controlling the menus and annoying me when I used them for VOIP push-to-talk keys)

Attempted fix for original problem: Installed Lexma's mouse program (can be found on their support page) to try to modify the original inputs being sent by the mouse. Lexma's program does not have the option to send "nothing", so I settled for binding my mouse buttons to "numpad *". This was successful in RDR2, but awkward for other programs where any highlighted text box would fill with ****** when I used the mouse for VOIP.

Current Problem: I uninstalled Lexma's program and uninstalled driver under Device Manager to attempt different settings in X-mouse (i was curious if RDR2 was inputting scroll lock by default, disabling X-mouse). X-mouse is no longer capable of modifying my mouse buttons, despite deleting my mouse driver and uninstalling Lexma's program. My mouse-4 and mouse-5 send "numpad *" when X-mouse is set to send "R" for example. I can't find anything in the registry related to mouse-4 or mouse-5 (not that I have a clue what to look for, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse isn't useful). A day of searches haven't helped me find a way to restore default options. Reinstalling Lexma's program didn't help because they don't have a restore-defaults option, and changing the bind still doesn't allow X-mouse to function.

Attempting to use an old Logitech mouse (model number/serial worn away unfortunately) works as expected. X-mouse intercepts the mouse-4 and mouse-5 buttons, modifying them as needed.

My understanding of X-mouse is that it intercepts what Windows sees from my mouse.
  • Is Lexma's program taking advantage of any overrides that would be able to ignore X-mouse's interception?
  • How can Lexma's program still be functioning to modify the mouse inputs after uninstalling the program and deleting/reinstalling the basic Windows driver?

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Re: XMBC non-functional after mfgr mouse program temporarily installed

Post by phil »

I'm afraid I don't really know the answer to this. However, is it possible that lexma software actually changed the mouse itself to send differently at the mouse hardware level? For example, my Logitech G9 has multiple profiles on the mouse itself and the logitech software can change the profile that satys in place after the software is not running (or the even when the mouse is used on a different PC). Maybe that is what has happened here - but Im not familiar with the device or the software so I cant be sure.

If that is what has happened, then reinstall the software, change the buttons back to default (back/forward) then remove the software again - that might work.

As for the original problem, RDR2 is probably using Raw/DirectInput for mouse input - that operates at a lower level than XMBC so XMBC can block it (nothing can block rawinput AFAIK). So I'm not sure what the best option is. I presume the Lexma software cant change the buttons based on the running application?
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Re: XMBC non-functional after mfgr mouse program temporarily installed

Post by Reginault »

Thanks for your time, I figured it was a bit of a shot in the dark.

Lexma's program has similar profile features, I guess there's some internal memory for the mouse? It's still a cheap Chinese import though, doesn't support lots of stuff that XMBC does.

And I've run through a ticket with Rockstar, their support came to the same conclusion that they won't be able to do anything outside of what the mouse driver can supply.

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