XMBC Interferring Even When Uninstalled! Help!

x64 Replacement/Alternative to Microsoft's IntelliMouse application.
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XMBC Interferring Even When Uninstalled! Help!

Post by TADD3RS »

XMBC v2.18:
Windows 10:
Running Logitech G502 Mouse and G910 Keyboard:
Did the problem occur after an upgrade of XMBC or Windows?: No, I had v2.17 installed when I had issue, same with v2.18
How long have you used XMBC?: A few days
What language and keyboard layout do you use in Windows?: English QWERTY


First off, I really like what this program aims to do. It worked very well for the game (Project Zomboid) that I was playing that did not offer in-game mouse mapping. I was even please to learn about the one-click disengage Scroll Lock functionality. So far, the software was working perfectly and I was very pleased. That was until I loaded CS:GO, the number 1 game I play, and realized my mouse mapping wasn't working. No worries I thought, *taps Scroll Lock*; did not correct the improper mapping. Well darn I continued to think, I guess I just need to jump back to the in-game key mapping settings in CS:GO and reset really quick. Come to find out, CS:GO is recognizing Mouse 4 and Mouse 5 as the keyboard keys I mirrored in XMBC. At this point, I was disappointed and saddened by the fact I might need to uninstall XMBC to regain functionality for CS:GO. I liked what this program did for Zomboid game play, but the mouse mapping for it was far less important than CS:GO. So after a sad uninstall, I reloaded CS:GO to reconfigure my mapping. To my shock, the game was STILL recognizing the XMBC mapped mouse buttons!

Things I've tried and that has not yielded results:

1) Uninstall XMBC, restart computer.

2) Reinstall XMBC and ensuring to select "Delete (reset) any existing X-Mouse Button Control settings", and manually reverting the mapped buttons to, "No Change (Don' intercept)", save profile, restart computer.

Note: Even after selecting "Delete (reset) any existing X-Mouse Button Control settings" somehow XMBC seemed to recover or recognize the profile I had created before. To me this means it indeed did not accomplish this task, correct?

3) In light of the note in item 2, I figured maybe there was a sticky program file that was not fully uninstalling. I set hid files to be viewable in File Explorer and deleted the profile I had created that had saved under C:\Users\ta**********\AppData\Roaming\Highresolution Enterprises\XMouseButtonControl, restarted and am still having the same issue.

That is about the extent of my computer prowess. I fear I will have to go through the tremendous pain of a complete OS reinstall in order to regain functionality. Please help!

System Info:
9 Mouse buttons, changed 2 using XMBC
HID Compliant Mouse and HID Compliant Keyboard Drivers
Running Logitech G502 Mouse and G910 Keyboard
Logitech Gaming Software is installed and interfacing with peripherals

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Re: XMBC Interferring Even When Uninstalled! Help!

Post by TADD3RS »


TL;DR - Confirm that X Mouse is not running in the back ground using Task Manager > Details to close out XMBC as a variable. Rest any existing gaming/peripheral software that you may be running. Reload desired game and attempt to set in-game button mapping.

Thank you Phil for the timely and professional help! Neither of the former traits are commonplace for donation based software developers, so again thanks! For anyone else having this issue I have pasted Phil's response, chastising and all, to this inquiry from another thread where I failed to read the lobby rules... XMBC in here only! *salutes*

From Phil,

If you have uninstalled XMBC, it wont be running, and therefore it wont be doing anything as XMBC can only make changes when it is running!
You can check if its running in Task Manager - look in the details tabs for the process XMouseButtonControl.exe
If it is there then it wasn't uninstalled properly, but chances are it is not there and the problem lies elsewhere.

To me, what you say suggests the problem is CS:GO and not XMBC... This also is suggest that when you disable XMBC via scroll lock, the problem still appears. Its telling me (and you) that the problem is not with XMBC but elsewhere!

How to reset CS:GO? I don't know I'm afraid.

EDIT: PS. Next time post to the correct (XMBC) forum as you are asking about XMBC. Then you will be presented with a template to help you provide the information requested in the posting rules (which I guess you didn't read as you a) didn't provide any information and b) didnt post to the correct forum!)

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Re: XMBC Interferring Even When Uninstalled! Help!

Post by phil »

I'm glad you have resolved the issue - I presume CS:Go is working after reloading it - that's a bit strange - I wonder if the logitech software made changes to the actual game config?!

Have you been brave enough to re-try XMBC now you have fixed CS:GO?

--[ Phil ]--
--[ Administrator & XMBC Author ]--
Logitech G9, Logitech MX518, Microsoft Intellimouse, Trust 16341 BT Mouse
Windows 10 x64, Intel i5-9600k, Asus Z390-ROG, 16GB DDR4,
nVidia GeForce GTX 970, Evo 970 500Gb NVME, 2x2TB WD Black (RAID1)

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Re: XMBC Interferring Even When Uninstalled! Help!

Post by TADD3RS »


CS:GO may have been pulling control configurations from Logitech Gaming Software (LGS). By resetting LGS settings to default I was able to free up whatever issue was tying the in-game mapping settings in CS:GO.

Also, I checked my stones and reinstalled XMBC... reconfigured my Zomboid profile just as before and ran it. XMBC performed lovely as I had experienced before. Test 1 complete... Loaded CS:GO, ensuring Scroll Lock was ON to test XMBC disable function. Went into the mapping settings and hesitantly cycled the button settings; XMBC was not interfering, CS:GO was recognizing my mouse normally. Nice sigh of relief after test 2. Finally, I toggled Scroll Lock OFF to force XMBC interception in the CS:GO mapping menu. As expected, CS:GO recognized the mouse clicks as the simulated keys set through XMBC and with a deep breath turned Scroll Lock back ON to see if my system was stuck in the dire state that lead me to this forum in the first place. Voila! CS:GO went back to recognizing the normal keys!

At some point during all this I introduce Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) into the mix. I believe I was searching for a key simulation function there at some point and must have made the system cross wires with LGS and CS:GO. Recommendation for other users with a similar build, LGS DOES NOT appear to have any simulation function. It merely pulls mapping profiles from games on your computer and displays some limited information. LGS is meant to set RGB lighting functions on your keyboard and mouse. ONLY set key and mouse mapping in-game and DO NOT run make simulated changes in XMBC and alter LGS settings at the same time. Now that I reflect, I don't thin wires crossed at all... most likely I corrupted my own experience by fiddling with LGS.

Phil, thanks again for the great software and support. I've made a donation for your time and effort.

Oh, and in spite of the title to this thread, I will be keeping XMBC installed and in use!

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