[Solved] XMB Not Detecting right/left tilt

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[Solved] XMB Not Detecting right/left tilt

Post by petator » Thu Oct 25, 2018 10:48 pm

XMBC Version: #546 (latest version)
Windows Version: Windows 10, x64
Mouse Information (brand/model): Logitech g502
Computer Information: i5-8400, gtx 1070 ti, 8gb ram, 500 gb storage
Did the problem occur after an upgrade of XMBC or Windows?: Possibly, I'm not sure.
How long have you used XMBC?: About a year I believe
What language and keyboard layout do you use in Windows?: American, English

Clear description of the problem:

So I got a new PC 4 months ago and downloaded XMB, it worked fine, up until I factory reset this PC 2 days ago and reinstalled XMB. XMB no longer detects my mouse wheel right tilt, this might be because of an update between those 4 months or it might not. When I go into logitech g-hub and set my right tilt to primary click, XMB will detect my right tilt as a primary click, but when I set my right tilt as right tilt in g-hub, XMB will not detect right-tilt at all. Same with left tilt, so I'm assuming this is a XMB problem.

Does anybody have a solution to this, or an alternative to XMB?

Update : Uninstalling and reinstalling Logitech G-Hub fixes this, lol

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Re: [Solved] XMB Not Detecting right/left tilt

Post by phil » Fri Oct 26, 2018 7:44 am

Glad you figured that out - I probably would have gone round in circles struggling to work out that it was G-Hub... Logitech's wonderful software strikes again!
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