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Mouse button 4 glitch/inconsistency

Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 8:14 pm
by pjp21
XMBC Version: 2.17
Windows Version: Win 7 64-bit
Mouse Information (brand/model): chinese no-name wireless 2.4ghz mouse
Computer Information: asus mb
Did the problem occur after an upgrade of XMBC or Windows?: I think after XMBC update but maybe it was always there
How long have you used XMBC?: 5 years+
What language and keyboard layout do you use in Windows?: English QWERTY

Clear description of the problem: I have assigned the default action for mouse button 4 to go BACK. That was not working well in windows explorer, say I'm deep in a folder sub level, it would throw me BACK many folder levels.

So I looked for keyboard shortcut that would work and found ALT-Left Arrow to work well to go back to the previous folder. Works flawlessly with the keyboard, but when I assign those keys as SIMULATED KEYSTROKES Simulated Keys (released) {ALT}{LEFT} it works ok sometimes, usually the first time in the folder it works but then when I go forward or go into another folder it doesn't go back, it skips a bunch of folder levels.