Logitech wrong buttons mapping

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Logitech wrong buttons mapping

Post by lesnik »

I have recently changed my OS to windows 10 on my old laptop and decided to start using X-Mouse Button Control (latest version) for my old wireless Logitech M325 tilt-wheel mouse.
(NOTE windows 10 doesn't have anything to do with the problem as I also checked this on 8.1)

When I plugged in my mouse I noticed that xmouse button control interprets the tilt-wheel buttons as "Mouse Button 4" and "Mouse Button 5". Now, as it appears the problem is that i use these to volume down/up, and mouse button 4 and 5 are not executed repeatedly as the buttons are pressed and held. In result if I want to volume down/up with my tilt wheel buttons I have to press and release several times to achieve the effect. Obviously this is quite uncomfortable and useless or painful.

Well I think it's the Logitech that mixed the buttons up by incorrect mapping them but I wonder if there could be a way in the X-Mouse Button Control to re-map the buttons so they are interpreted differently.
I see I can assign "Mouse Wheel Tilt Left" to Button 4 or by using simulated keys {TILTL} but neither of the settings will trigger what I have set for the tilt-wheel buttons settings (in the tilt-wheel buttons setting).

to make my questions / help requests clear:
1) would it be possible to make eg. button 4 behave and take over from the left tilt-wheel for the above to work, and if so how
2) another solution: if my buttons are mixed up, would there be a way to assign eg. "volume down" function to "button 4" and have that executed in a continuous manner so it can be reasonably performed. I think that could be achievable in the 'Simulated Keys' if Media Volume Down/Up functions were available. There I could enforce sending simulated key strokes as: "6. Repeatedly while the button is down".
Maybe 'Media Volume Down/Up' should also be added to the 'Simulated keys' section?
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Re: Logitech wrong buttons mapping

Post by phil »

Hi, some logitech mice do this. You can normally configure the wheel to behave normally using Logitech's own software (sometimes you can do this once and uninstall the software, sometimes you have to leave the software there - it depends on the device, my Logitech G9 does this but remembers the "profile" on the device itself so once changed, the Logitech software is not required.

You can also work around this is XMBC for this particular volume problem. Instead of choosing the volume up/down options in the dropdown, choose simulate keystrokes In there you can set a method like repeat while the button is held or repeat until the button is pressed again, then you can use {VOL+}/{VOL-} tags in the simulated input. This will cause the action to be repeated as requested.

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Re: Logitech wrong buttons mapping

Post by lesnik »

That works perfectly :D
I thought the volume tags should be in the 'simulated keys' section, but I just couldn't see them

Many thanks Phil

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