How does MREST works?

x64 Replacement/Alternative to Microsoft's IntelliMouse application.
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How does MREST works?

Post by BriHecato »

Hi guys, long time :)
I got a question like in topic. Got little issue with AutoHotKey (lol) and Phil explanation about XMBC mose mechanics could help me discover what am I doing wrong.

In XMBC I got simkeys for a shortcut in my favourite daily stubborn CAM software - like this

MSAVE1 - saving starting position of mouse - in this situation when no command is active i'm hovering over the text entity (if i have any command active like move, delete draw - the entity below cursor would be highlithed)
MSET:x,y - moving - and there's a question if mouse has been moved or teleported? the target position is icon
LMB - clicking on the icon executing command
MREST1 - returning to starting position over the text entity - this is what it's all about, in XMBC text is highlithed when cursor returns to him so...
LMB - .. I'm able to select this text by clicking (and get edit text window)
Ctrl+c - copying text which is selected in editbox in edit text window by default
Escape - closing edit text window

It's all about MREST here - in AHK I write identical code to this but restored cursor doesn't highligth entity.

Thanks in advance :)
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Re: How does MREST works?

Post by phil »

Hi, MSET simply sets the position, so I guess thats what you mean by teleport!
MREST resets the position to what you saved it as... BUT, just before that you have {LMB} so I suspect the left button is still down, hence causing the selection.

It all depends what method you are using... and if it is method 3 "during", then the LMB will not be released until the button is released... so its going to cause some issues. There are new tags in 2.18 beta to try and help control this, like {OD} {OU} to only exectute the following tag when the button is pressed down (OD) or up (OU). You also have {LMBD} and {LMBU} i believe... so you could do...
... to force the button to be released before the cursor position is reset.
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