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SimKeys repetition counter/timer

Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2018 3:40 pm
by injtsvetkov
Hi Phil, while viewing this thread I've remembered an old question from another user related to repetition timing in SimKeys. I've used several autoclickers before I discovered XMBC and most of them had timer for the repetition period and counters for the number of repetitions to be sent.
Like that:

Repeat for [...] seconds.


Repeat [...] times.

Have you considered adding such options (maybe under #10 and #11 in the dropdown list)?

And one other thing regarding the above mentioned thread. I suspect that the user couldn't find the desired feature (repeating "scroll up") because the name "Simulated Keystrokes" does not involve mouse commands. You might want to consider changing it to something more intuitive like "Simulated Keys/Clicks" or maybe "Simulated Commands" as it includes {VOL+}, {VOL-}, {BACK}, {FORWARD} etc.