Recommendation: profile for webpages

x64 Replacement/Alternative to Microsoft's IntelliMouse application.
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Recommendation: profile for webpages

Post by Ambesek »

First, thanks for this program. It works really well.

I don't know if I could not find or if this feature does not exists. But I would like to make profiles for webpages. I could create a profile to use with chrome, but it would be cool to have a different profile each website I use.

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Re: Recommendation: profile for webpages

Post by phil »

The closest you can get right now is to use the window title in combination with the application (eg. chrome) in the profile, The problem is, that XMBC does not detect the profile change unless the application is different - so multiple tabs in chrome for example, will not switch profiles automatically. This is because the process/window detection is relatively expensive (CPU wise) so to make XMBC use less CPU, it does not check the same window more than once, so when the tabs change, it does not detect the new title. This means that its not really feasable to do right now.

If I were to relax that check, so it checked the whole lot, every time the mouse moved, it would probably cause other performance problems so I'm not sure it will be doable. I could make it check more often but need to be careful not to check too often... this might work but may result in delayed profile changes. Not sure the best course of action yet - I'll think about it and maybe come up with a bright idea!
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