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Rapid Fire - Simulated Repeat

Posted: Mon Apr 02, 2018 9:54 pm
by Automouser
A while a go (years) I remember someone having issues with XMBC while trying to get a rapid fire effect, simulating repeated clicking for example in a game so the user doesn't have to mash their poor mouse button (or any button) into oblivion.

While it works fine in some games it seemed impossible to get working in others and there didn't seem to be any idea for a solution, or possibly even a cause.

Well some time after that (a few less years ago) it occurred to me that it may be due to the game (or even certain engines) not registering the click due to it being to brief, or rather the mouse-down event being to brief. Just speculation.

Perhaps if there were a way to increase or even set the duration of the mouse-down event sent by XMBC it would get "Rapid Fire" simulation working in such games too.

Just think about how many mice, fingers and frustrated users XMBC would spare from shitty developers who want users to mash their free peripherals, oh wait they aren't free, I don't want to mash my poor buttons into oblivion lol. Think of the children, I mean mice. Save us XMBC.

Re: Rapid Fire - Simulated Repeat

Posted: Mon Apr 02, 2018 10:14 pm
by phil
In theory this should already be possible, by changing the "Delay between simulated keys" on the advanced setting tab it increases the delay between each key (on in this case between the press and release of the button).

It should also be possible using the following... {PRESS}{LMB}{WAITMS:100}{RELEASE}{LMB} ...(adjusting the waitms:100 appropriately!

However, I believe that in most cases, the games in question will be blocking simulated (injected) input and this simply won't work. No harm in trying though!