Bug with XMBC and infrared remote

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Bug with XMBC and infrared remote

Post by Archway » Wed Dec 27, 2017 1:44 pm

I am very grateful for XMBC - much better than the logitech drivers!

On a Windows 10 1709 x64 machine configured as a media centre in that both imon.exe (remote control etc. software) and kodi.exe (issue occurs regardless of whether version 7.x or 8) both start automatically I have XMBC installed mainly because I do maintenance from another computer via remote desktop. The media centre has a mini combined wireless keyboard/mouse for use when needed as well.

Some months, maybe over a year ago, I noticed that the infrared remote was not working properly to control kodi. Until I had operated the wireless mouse to do something in kodi, e.g. select a menu, the infrared did not work. Once the wireless mouse had been used once, the infrared worked normally thereafter. Wierd!!

After a lot of trial and error I found that disabling or removed XMBC fixed the problem - the infrared now controlled kodi straight away, as it should.

The longer term fix was to install an earlier version of XMBC - there is no problem using 2.10.2. I dont know exactly with which version of XMBC this first appeared. I mention it not because I need a fix, as I have a workaround using an earlier version, but in case it reflects a more general, if obscure, problem which you might wish to investigate.

Thanks again for a very useful program.

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Re: Bug with XMBC and infrared remote

Post by phil » Wed Dec 27, 2017 4:13 pm

Thanks for the info (I think).
I cant think of any particular reason for this, other than maybe there is some windows hook conflicts (XMBC uses mouse and keyboard hooks and maybe this gets in the way of the remote software). But that does not really explain why 2.10.2 works!

As to investigating - unfortunately, while I do have a simular media PC setup, I dont use irmon on it (because the irda sensor is connected to another PC which uses eventghost and communicates over the LAN with the media PC) - so its not going to be easy to change my setup to test with irmon.
Without being able to reproduce the problem here (easily) I'm not sure where to start!

Thanks for letting me (and others) know about it though.
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