is there a way to setup mouse speed for each layer?

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is there a way to setup mouse speed for each layer?

Post by gaia »

today i have tried the all day to setup mouse speed for each layer

the point is use key modifier to lower the mouse speed

for example it could be great change the mouse speed , just and example ,photoshop or the gimp ,having a fast mice sometime could be an issue
classic example move sliders
so i tought to change the mouse speed for the gimp when i need
so have a fast mouse that can slow down when i use layer 2 (i setup app menu key)
in short use the app menu key to enable layer 2 and slow down mouse , to be more precise

this could be very usefull for many users , some users use illustrator or photoshop or expansive program, ok they mostly use wacom tablet

but a laser mouse with an high dpi could be really very cool

i had no luck sadly
so my question is

can i setup lower the mouse speed for layer 2 ?
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Re: is there a way to setup mouse speed for each layer?

Post by phil »

This is not possible at the moment - and really, I'm not sure its a good fit (using layers)

There is already a "modifier key" to slow the cursor - its a fixed speed right now - would this not be a better option, or to have some other way of doing it rather than via layers (the GUI work alone to do that would be rather significant).

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