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Bug report/setup help: XMBC crashes when mixing chording and scrolling? Maybe?

Posted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 3:35 pm
by aawood
Hello! First time poster, not-very-long-time-user, with a crash bug and, maybe, a question about setting up buttons for multiple purposes.

First, stats: I'm running XMBC Version 2.17 Beta 8 on Windows 10 Enterprise (X64). I'm using a 4 Button Kensington Expert Mouse (trackball, wired), with a generic Generic HID driver and no other mouse configuration software installed (Kensington's software is not installed).

Currently, I have this set up with left-click and right-click to "don't intercept", mouse 3 to "Task View", and mouse 4 to "Change Movement To Scroll". (Oh, and Wheel Up/Down are switched to "Undo"/"Redo", but that's probably irrelevant.)

The thing is, on this mouse, right-click is placed such that the obvious finger to click with is my little finger: no good. What I'd like is to have it so that holding mouse 4 changes to "Change Movement To Scroll", and _also_ changes Left Click to "Right Click".


I tried setting up mouse 4 for chording, then within that set left-click to "right-click", and mouse 4 itself is "Change Movement To Scroll". I was worried that if I did that, it wouldn't scroll, but that does work (as long as I untick "Block\Delay Original Action..." in the chording settings; otherwise, the mouse keeps scrolling until I click something else). The problem comes when I mouse 4 + left click: suddenly, mouse movement becomes *very* jerky, until I click... something else (maybe Mouse 4 again, maybe Mouse 4 + left click?), at which point XMBC crashes. On one occasion, this also meant I couldn't left-click anymore until I re-ran the software.

So first: bug report! Do you want a log file, and if so, where is it?

Second: is this the right way to go on about setting this up? Is there some other method I should use to make this happen? This isn't really an issue right now (I haven't even actually changed it back, as I can use it just as before as long as I don't try the new right-click combo), but I would like to get this working.

Re: Bug report/setup help: XMBC crashes when mixing chording and scrolling? Maybe?

Posted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 5:30 pm
by phil
Hi, thanks for the detailed post.

I'll try and deal with the crash first, when it crashes, does it bring up the crash reporter (asking you to submit the report to me)?
I'm guessing not or I would have seen it!

You can turn on debug logging in advanced settings on the logging tab - debug logging slows things down so it will turn off automatically next time XMBC runs. It might help point me in the general direction! You can find the log file either by the open log file on the XMBC context menu, or using the open log file option in the logging & diagnostics tab (where you turn on debug logging) or in explorer (quick access, hold ctrl and left click the XMBC icon in the system tray to open the folder directly!)

As to setup, I would avoid setting left click to left button and right to right - just leave them as "nothing - don't intercept" so they work as default with no remapping.

I'll have a play here to see if I can reproduce the crash too when I get a moment spare! It might e useful for you to PM me a copy of your profile (use the "save profile" button to save it and then post it here or email it to me.


Re: Bug report/setup help: XMBC crashes when mixing chording and scrolling? Maybe?

Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 10:04 am
by aawood
Hi Phil,

Understood, I'll turn logging on and see what I can see. No crash reporter, I'm afraid!

Oooh, and yes, left/right click were set to "don't intercept", sorry for being unclear; I'll edit the original post.