Bug report, can't button chording v2.16

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Bug report, can't button chording v2.16

Post by mobydick » Sun Sep 03, 2017 5:22 am

Hello Phil,

1. Thank you, Phil, for the program! I can't say this enough.

2. Although I tried to adhere to forum's rules, this is my first post and mistakes are bound to happen. I apologize in advance.

3. I would like to make a bug report.

The issue is I can't use button chording for button 4 with many simulated keys for version 2.16 in this manner:
a. press and hold button 4;
b. then if press right button, new tab open ({CTRL}T) or,
c. then if press left button, current tab close ({CTRL}W).

Here are some details:
- It sometimes work after a while of repeatedly doing the same thing (press and hold button 4 then press right/left button). I failed to notice a pattern.

- If it works the first time it will work for about a few more times until you interrupt with something else (if it works, I can keep press and hold button 4, then a few right button press after that will still work).

- I can get it to work with version 2.15 - I use that before so I know it can work. I make sure to keep every settings the same and no new software installation.

- This happens only with button chording of button 4 with many simulates keys. I tested button chording of right button with many simulated keys (press and hold left button, scroll wheels to change tab ({CTRL}{TAB}) or left click to brings out charm bar) and it seems fine.

- I believe there's no difference in behaviour of either portable or installed version. I am using version 64bit.

- I am running Wins 8.1 64 bit, Intel i5 - 3437U, 8gigs, generic wireless non-bluetooth Chinese mouse with 5 buttons (left right, 2more on the side and the scroll) with generic driver,and US keyboard layout.

4. I believe in the installation wizard, the "delete previous settings" tick box doesn't do anything. After uninstalling XMBC, I re-install it and tick the box, and the everything in the default settings stay the same (or was it meant that way? I didn't not check the non-default settings)

Let me know if you need more info.

For the time being I will use v2.15 - it's just a shame because the "load whole profiles" makes it so easy to export the default settings.

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Re: Bug report, can't button chording v2.16

Post by phil » Sun Sep 03, 2017 9:40 am

Please can you try 2.17 Beta (available in the beta thread here) as I think I have fixed this one already.

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