Magece Mouse forces wheel to control volume

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Magece Mouse forces wheel to control volume

Post by gamelover85 » Tue Aug 29, 2017 3:00 am

using this program I thought I would be able to force my mouse to scroll up and down on pages rather than controlling volume whenever my Magece gaming mouse is in solid color mode. (Magece Gaming Mouse aka SUPER Gaming Mouse [cheezy] made in china) I find it annoying to change the color from solid red to "breathing" multiple colors just to be able to use the scrolling function of a wheel on a mouse!

After all, AHEM, (Magece: who ever you are that made the Magece mouse if ever you read this) isn't that what a wheel on a mouse was always mainly for? To scroll pages up and down, helping with multi-tasking saving us all from pain-stakingly moving the mouse over to the scroll bar and dragging it up and down... this is a waste of time...

This program, it seemed was unable to block the mouse from controlling volume....

I will donate to you if you fix this because I will, then, be using this software all the time with this mouse as I will need it to maintain solid color on my mouse and still be able to scroll pages (or whatever I want the mouse to do) (instead of controlling volume which is the ONE THING I DO NOT want it to do...)

Please help me! I'm begging ya! On my hands and knees!

I do not want to go out and buy another mouse I order this one online you see and it is a lot of trouble to go through to return it... just check out YouTube and see how many other people are just as annoyed as I am regarding this annoying feature of the mouse... read comments on YouTube watch the review videos...

Besides, my GAMING KEYBOARD (Ahem, Magece, obviously not known for gaming) already has the ability to control volume. 9 times out of 10 if someone buys a gaming MOUSE they will likely buy a gaming KEYBOARD! Volume control on a MOUSE is not needed.......... Magece!

(I hope the makers of Magece one day read this post also.....................................)

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Re: Magece Mouse forces wheel to control volume

Post by phil » Tue Aug 29, 2017 8:03 am

Sorry to hear of your mouse and volume troubles. Unfortunately, if the device or device driver is doing this then it will not be sending the usual mouse wheel scroll messages which XMBC relies on to remap scroll.

There are several possibilities to try though...
1. Does the mouse come with its own software? If so, you could try removing that - maybe its remapping at a software level (I doubt this will be the case though).
2. Does the mouse have its own driver? If so, remove it and use the generic HID device driver.

Some mice actually appear as multiple USB devices to the PC, for example, I have a Logitech mouse that appears as both a mouse and a keyboard. The mouse itself sends keyboard messages for some functions - this means that those functions can not be controlled by XMBC. However, in my case, I can use the Logitech software to reconfigure the device and change it back to performing "normal" mouse behaviour for the buttons and scroll wheel.

I'm afraid to say though, with these generic mice, they are often fixed/hard wired to do things like this and if that is the case, then XMBC may not be able to help you. If it does send keyboard commands, then Autohotkey may be able to help remap the keyboard functions (vol up/down keys to something else like scroll - but I'm not sure about that).

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Re: Magece Mouse forces wheel to control volume

Post by gamelover85 » Tue Aug 29, 2017 4:05 pm

its wired. There are reviews for Magece on YouTube. It is mouse only, no keyboard extras in it... (thank God too, cuz if so, I think Magece would have made things further complicated for us gamers....... yikes.... they made it weird enough as it is for us......).

I bought another mouse... its a Ttesports Dasher Mini mouse (not mini its big but that is what it says...) but its a gaming mouse. THIS MOUSE? Does what it is SUPPOSE to JUST DO! And that is, WHEEL: Scroll pages UP AND DOWN, change colors from solid to breathing... simple as that, with two function buttons on the side (that your software can control) I like this brand better than Magece... Magece thinks they know gaming but NO THEY DO NOT they suck......... ehem............ they just do... they don't know gaming :) at least they try I guess... lol!

The other mouse is by Thermaitake a good gaming mouse brand I would recommend....

Magece? (AKA MAGIC MOUSE [Apple Mice?]) Stay away! Not for gaming! (To anyone reading this...)

Thanks for your help though. I do appreciate it.

This new gaming mouse though works great though... so, I might as well throw my Magece mouse in the trash... or use it for my laptop? Ahhh whatever...

thanks man!

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