Mouse but 5 sometimes need to be clicked twice

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Mouse but 5 sometimes need to be clicked twice

Post by warmwhisky » Thu Feb 23, 2017 6:33 am


I have a strange issue that has been going on for the last few version. I have my two side mouse buttons set up as copy and paste. the problem is though, sometimes I have to press copy twice. This can be quite tiresome going back and forth to pages when the first time it didnt copy.

Are there any know issues? This happens on both my home and work pc.

I am running Windows 7


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Re: Mouse but 5 sometimes need to be clicked twice

Post by phil » Thu Feb 23, 2017 9:41 am

There are no known issues with XMBC in this area (and I pretty much use copy/paste all the time - it was my reason for starting XMBC :)).

Severall thoughts...

I occasionally have issues (I have clipmate installed which makes a notice when copying to the clipboard so I normally know its not worked before I try pasting). I don't think this is XMBC related unfortunately, as sometimes I have the same problem when using CTRL+C also.

Copy and paste actually just send a CTRL+C and CTRL+V so if you have any other keys pressed they may interfere. Also if the software that receives the copy request is busy it may not respond reliably (I find this often in certain programs that dont work well, sometimes I need to close and reopen the program and all is fine (Eclipse IDE).

There is also a possibility that the actual mouse button is misbehaving... Sometimes older mice develop button faults and bouncing (dirty switch contacts). In that case, the mouse may not actually be sending the click.

Unfortunately, in all cases that I am aware of its not an XMBC problem. But of course your experience may be different. The only way to see if XMBC is receiving the click and sending the copy command, is to turn on debug logging and try to capture the problem and then look to see if XMBC received a click at the time that your copy was missed - it will be difficult/impossible without knowing the time the problem, esp. if it is an intermittent fault because debug log produced a lot of information and I suspect narrowing it down to a click that didn't work (esp. if XMBC didn't receive said click so its not in the log, or it received the click, send the command but the command failed) so debugging this could be very difficult!

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