2 Issues w/ Xmouse: Firefox and Xmouse Updates

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2 Issues w/ Xmouse: Firefox and Xmouse Updates

Post by xlook » Tue Feb 14, 2017 3:40 pm

There are 2 problems with xmouse:

1) I'm trying to simulate the closing of a tab in Firefox. I use button combo, 'Control + W' for the left tilt wheel for that. But it closes all tabs. It seems that Xmouse is repeating this combo repeatedly. How do I get it to stop it from repeating the same combo repeatedly and just use it once?

2) Xmouse fails to check updates. I had v2.14 and didn't know there was an update until today when I checked the website. How do I fix it?

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Re: 2 Issues w/ Xmouse: Firefox and Xmouse Updates

Post by phil » Tue Feb 14, 2017 6:44 pm

1. The tilt wheel is not like a normal mouse button, in-fact the mouse hardware hardware sends a single repeating "tilt" pulse, rather than a unique "button down, button up". Because the hardware itself repeats the message, XMBC will be sending the keys every time it gets a repeated input - which would be why you keystrokes are repeating.

You can "fix" or at least work around this problem by ticking the "Ignore repeated remapped horizontal scroll" option on the profile's options tab (Scrolling and Navigation tab prior to v2.15). Once you turn it on, you may need to adjust the number of milliseconds that the repeating message are ignored - this will probably be OK as is but can vary for each mouse make/device!

2. XMBC uses DNS records for checking updates, but it also needs access to my website. DNS records can get cached (thats one reason I use them!) but normally not for more than 24 hours. I will check my DNS setup tonight to make sure its all OK.

XMBC 2.15 has only been out a week so it may not have even checked for an update yet (and if it did, its possible that you missed the notification). You can manually check for updates from the context menu (right click the XMBC icon in the system tray).

It is also possible that these update checks are being effected if you use Norton/Symantec web-safe or potentially other related products because it seems that my website (highrez.co.uk) has made it on the Norton's safeweb block list. I was notified by another user last week and after investigating, I found it was because another page on my site (InpOut32) has links to the original authors website which has been hacked and is full of malware... Typical! So some updates, downloads and possible notifications are simply not working right now.

I have applied to Symantec (Norton) to have my site re-evaluated (after I removed all the links) but of course they give no indication of how long that may take.

This shouldn't effect DNSTXT record queries but it may effect the download of the changelog which is displayed in the update window and may in turn be causing problems in the auto-update.
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