Cursor getting back to its original position

x64 Replacement/Alternative to Microsoft's IntelliMouse application.
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Cursor getting back to its original position

Post by Greysen »


This is the most obvious option we can find on macro softwares, i've searched everywhere but i dont find it. X-Mouse is really the best for me but this option is too essential. I searched on this forum but it seems no one asked, i looked carefully on the settings, tried some tricks but no way...
Is there somewhere a simple option to make the cursor back to its original position before the use of automatic click, or a trick u know ?

Thank u very much for ur help

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Re: Cursor getting back to its original position

Post by injtsvetkov »

Well you can set the coordinates you want the cursor to go to in Sim Keys and send it there with the click of a button. Or if you want to make some other actions and then make the cursor go to the desired position, you can simply put the coordinates in the end of the string in Sim Keys - after all other actions assigned to the particular button.
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Re: Cursor getting back to its original position

Post by BriHecato »

I know what is Greysen about - he propably already use mouse coordinates - but want to mouse return to start point after done with his simkey "macro" - and this start point each time can be different.

That's why we have

Code: Select all

{MSAVE} Save the current cursor position
{MREST} Restore the last saved cursor position
Yupikayey! Just tried:

Code: Select all

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Re: Cursor getting back to its original position

Post by phil »

It is worth mentioning that {MSAVE} and {MRESTORE} are only available in the 2.15 (so for now, the beta).
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Re: Cursor getting back to its original position

Post by Kukurykus »

I'm glad to see {msave} and {mrest} will be useful not only for me :D
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