xMouse is being detected by the game I play

x64 Replacement/Alternative to Microsoft's IntelliMouse application.
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xMouse is being detected by the game I play

Post by Foriegn »

I was really glad to find xmouse software it made it possible to configure my mouse which has no special app to configure but it is being detected by ConquerOnline mostly "by name" and lead to 1 day banning , is it possible to make an update or link me a version that won`t be detected ? Thanks in advance.

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Re: xMouse is being detected by the game I play

Post by BriHecato »

I'm not familliar with this game at all, and i think game responds for you "default profile" settings in XMBC.

If ConquerOnline is a browser game you can create profile linked to your browser that disable some of the keys and remove macros/commands/simulated keys/chordings. You will probably need to drop all your macros for browser (you can also use another browser only for that game, recently installed opera on my smartphone and desktop and sad to say it's far quicker than firefox...

If game is run via plugin you can link profile to plugincontainer process (firefox but not chrome), and do as above.

If game is run by *.exe file (installed app in your windows) just make profile to this exe, and do as above.
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