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Zoom Gestures & Horizontal Scroll (external TouchPad)

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2016 10:57 am
by meq2

I'm a novice user of XMBC (version 2.13.1). Found it looking for a way to reverse the scrolling direction when using the touchpad integrated in my new external keyboard (this one: I use with my laptop. Windows doesn't give my the possibility, nor does the propriety driver delivered with the keyboard/touchpad (the driver of the internal laptop touchpad does have this feature).

Thanks for this great product; it is already of great value and I will be exploring all the great features in times to come.

So my goal was to reverse the scrolling direction for my scrolling gesture to operate the way a scrolling gesture would work on a smartphone/tablet. This works partially (using the "invert scrolling" options on the "Scrolling & Navigation" tab) and there is an unexpected adverse side effect. Let me elaborate.

What works: The vertical scrolling (by 2-finger gesture) is reversed beautifully, the way I like.
What doesn't work: Horizontal scrolling (again by gesture) appears not to be affected by the option to reverse it.
Unexpected side effect: Now the "pinch to zoom" gesture also work in reverse! When I disable these options, this gesture reverts to normal function (goes for both the internal and external touchpads).

My questions:
1. Could there be a bug in the horizontal scrolling (by gesture), or am I missing something?
2. Is there a way to prevent the reversal of the pinch to zoom gesture? Or is this a bug that has to be fixed?

Thanks a lot!