How to set Button 4 to SHIFT

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How to set Button 4 to SHIFT

Post by DSOranger »

Hi, I just joined this forum and I want to ask for help about how set button 4 to SHIFT, I'm really not a tech guy, can someone teach me how to do it. I need it for the game I'm playing which is Drakensang Online. Please someone help me.

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Re: How to set Button 4 to SHIFT

Post by Kukurykus »

Add your game to Application / Window Profile list (on the left side of XMBC panel).
On the right where's extend Mouse Button 4 list click and select 'Simulated Keys (Undefined)'.
In the 'Enter the custom key(s)' type: {shift}.

Now you have to choose how you'd like to use a 'shift' key from left list of 9 behaviors.

Then click in sequence: Okey, Apply and Close Buttons.
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