Vivaldi tab cycling issue

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Vivaldi tab cycling issue

Post by rnbpl »

Hi, thanks for making XMouse!
I want to report an issue, it's just a minor one, and I'm not sure if it's an XMouse or a Vivaldi issue, but it definitely would be convenient if it was solved :)

Vivaldi has a feature where, if you leave your right mouse button pressed, scrolling the wheel switches the active browser tab to the one on the left or the right. (RMB+mousewheel up/down)

This feature can be activated in the Vivaldi Settings, Tabs section, Tab Features subsection, then checking 'Switch Tabs by Scrolling'.

Note that the tooltip for this option mentions the use of Alt as a modifier, instead of RMB, but RMB works as well.

With XMouse enabled, with all buttons set to No Change, Vivaldi's tab cycling stops working when you do the RMB+mousewheel combo. The browser gets the mouse events separately. Instead of cycling the tab, it just scrolls it, and when you release the RMB, it opens the drop-down menu.

I noticed however that if I enable 'Bypass ALL actions when SCROLL LOCK is ON', in XMouse's Global Settings, then Vivaldi works as intended. (The enable/disable XBMC global hotkey, however, does not work)

The way I use XMouse is by holding down Mouse4 to enable Layer 2 where I do all the cool stuff (layer 1 only enables layer 2), so I'm thinking a reasonable workaround would be to be able to remap Scroll Lock to another key, say Ctrl, and also use it as a modifier, instead of a toggle (enable XBMC only while Ctrl is held pressed down, instead of having to tap it twice).

I'm using Vivaldi 1.2.490.43, Windows 10 1607, Steelseries Rival.
I tried both XMouse 2.13.1 x64 portable, and a 2.14 Beta 4 installation

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Re: Vivaldi tab cycling issue

Post by davydm »


I had the same problem. You can work around it:

1) Create a new application profile for Vivaldi
2) On the "Scrolling and Navigation" tab, set the "Advanced Window Scrolling" "Scroll Method" to "Method 4 (Wheel Msg)"

Tab switching will work again with RMB+Wheel (:

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Re: Vivaldi tab cycling issue

Post by BriHecato »

I've installed Vivaldi only to check this issue and i'm gonna love this browser! (After few improvements)

About wheel tab scrolling - by default there no option for it in "mouse" section (it's not Rocker gestures) - so i thouth "what those guys are talkin about?"...
But later i found something similar it in "tabs" section > tab options (at bottom) > switch tabs with wheel.
And it works - you do not need to press and hold right mouse button but you need to hover over the tabs bar (unfortunately over the one of opened tabs, not over the empty space). And you can hold alt for switching in any area. (no info about right button).
You can put tabs on the right and than scrolling over empty area will switch tabs.

I don't know where is the option to hold right button for this particular swith (only turn on gestures with right button). But i can imagine that your issue is somehow connected to "chording" in XMBC (probably XMBC use handle for chording below other applications can use it. But it would be strange, since some 3D modeller use chording to rotate environment even if XMBC is installed and working.

Currently I've added for myself scrolling with alt into my chording from 4th button :

No need for using gestures with right button.
Let the PC do the hard work = AHK + C# + HTML/CSS/JS + XMBC + Clavier+ + AutoLisp + VBA/OOB

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