BUG - Close (Alt+F4) in VLC Media Palyer

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BUG - Close (Alt+F4) in VLC Media Palyer

Post by Kukurykus »

Windows 10 / Logitech M210 / XMBC v2.14 Beta 1

Problem with: VLC media player (http://www.videolan.org/) (version: 2.2.4 Weatherwax)

When I bind 'Close (Alt+F4)' to some button of my mouse for above application (I assume any layer of XMBC) it works in normal screen mode (during watching for ex. a movie) if I want to close VLC app.
When I switch to full screen mode (pressing f key or choosing this mode from screen tab - translation from my polish version) nothing happens.

I found solution, simply using code {ALT}{F4} in Simulated Keys (pressed) mode. In previoues vers. of any mentioned programs I haven't checked it - no difference it makes I guess.

That must be a bug that the 'Close (Alt+F4)' doesn't work only in Full Screen mode of VLC Media Player, but the same combination of keys ie.: {ALT}{F4} just taken in Simulated Keys (defined) works in both modes.

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Re: BUG - Close (Alt+F4) in VLC Media Palyer

Post by phil »

Hi, The close window function was changed, to call the Windows CloseWindow() API rather than just sending ALT+F4 because that only closes the window that has keyboard focus. Using the API, it should now close the window under the cursor, even if it does not have keyboard focus.

However, not all windows work with that new method - so its not really a bug but a change in behavior that works with most windows. If its not working for you, then simulated keystrokes ALT+F4 is the simple workaround as you have already found.

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