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x64 Replacement/Alternative to Microsoft's IntelliMouse application.
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Scroll with Mouse

Post by Samurai »

I'm one of the many Expert Mouse Pro users left out in the cold by Kensington after upgrading to Vista x64. It's amazing a company like that wouldn't support new OS's and their customers.I love my trackball and am glad to regain at least some of its functionality after discovering XMouse. It'd be great to also be able to program the 8 top QuickLaunch buttons. Any chance of that ever happening? I realize that should have been a job for Kensington, but since they've neglected, I'd be willing to pay for software that allows for full programmability of the Expert Mouse Pro under Vista x64. I'm sure others would be, too.

But my immediate question involves a function from MouseWorks called Scroll with Mouse (I believe). It was near-indispensable and enabled programming of a button that would allow me to scroll up and down documents, windows, and webpages using the trackball. I found it much easier to use than the scroll wheel, which is a little tough to reach. In XMouse, almost all programmable options are available that MouseWorks offered, except Scroll with Mouse. Am I missing something? If not, any chance that feature can be implemented into XMouse?

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