[req] Exchange actions

x64 Replacement/Alternative to Microsoft's IntelliMouse application.
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[req] Exchange actions

Post by krzysiunet » Sat Aug 15, 2015 10:55 pm


I have tagged the topic as request, but I don't need it that much, so take it more as an idea.

Let's say I've programmed wheel up to do some simulated keystrokes and wheel down to do other simulated keys. Then I realize that the better would be reversed. Wheel up does job of wheel down and vice versa. I would love to have a simple way to exchange actions.

Simulated keystrokes is a good example, as there are some settings and it could take some time to exchange it with other button. Write down settings of button A, copy all settings from B to A, set B according to noted settings. Oh, but the previous version was better. So let's do it again... ;)

I know I can reverse wheel, but I would like a way just to exchange any buttons/triggers, like said wheel up (WU) with e.g. extra mouse button 2 (MB2). The problem is I haven't any good idea how it could look. I try to avoid ideas where it would destroy simple and clear GUI design. Here's a few I thought of:
1) drag'n'drop - drag WU combobox (CB) to MB2 CB and the are exchanged
2) right click at WU CB, choose "Exchange with MB2"
3) ctrl+click on WU CB, it becomes highlighted (like now it's orange while onmousedown). Ctrl+click on MB2 CB, it exchanges.

I didn't introduce myself at my first post, so let it be. Maybe it's kinda oldschool, but still I like to introduce myself in a new place. My name is Krzysztof, I'm from Poland. My hobbies are programming, photography and cooking. Since I used Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons for the first time, I became fan of open licenses and I got interested in copyright law. I'm both taker and giver. I'm not fanatic, tho, i.e. if somebody don't want to use it, it's perfectly fine with me.

Thanks for the tool :) I think I'm becoming HID geek, so I'm using XMB and AHK a lot. Both have their important roles :)

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Re: [req] Exchange actions

Post by phil » Sat Aug 15, 2015 11:19 pm

Hi Krzysztof,

Thanks for the suggestion - I'll have a thing and see how it could fit in - it makes sense for the wheel and tilt options but it might get tricky with other buttons.... Unless its a generic switch dropdown N with dropdown Y type of thing - and I'm not sure where that will fit in the GUI.

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