xmousebuttoncontrol v2.6.2 Traditional Chinese Pack

x64 Replacement/Alternative to Microsoft's IntelliMouse application.
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xmousebuttoncontrol v2.6.2 Traditional Chinese Pack

Post by KKyang »

The Traditional Chinese Language Pack update. =)

Code: Select all

# Sample XMBC Language template file. 
# Base version 2.6.2
# Changes to this template are marked
#   -- Updated in <version> --
# or 
#   -- Added in <version> --
# Ensure the file extension is .xmbclp (XMouse Button Control Language Pack)
# which you can "install" into XMBC simply by double clicking it, or drop it into the profile folder.

#Describe the language pack here - this is displayed in the language dropdown in the settings tab.

#Put your name here and (at some point in the future) you will be creditied in the user interface
Author=Kevin Huang

#Setup screen
"Scrolling && Navigation" => "滾動與導航"
"Default" => "預設"
"A&dd" => "增加"
"Edi&t" => "編輯"
"C&opy" => "複製"
"Remo&ve" => "移除"
"&Settings" => "設置"
"Abo&ut" => "關於"
"&Apply" => "套用"
"&Close" => "關閉"
#Next line is Also shared with the general settings tab!
"Description" => "描述"
"Process" => "處理程序"
"Class" => "é¡ž"
"Window Class" => "視窗類"
"Parent Class" => "父類"
"Application / Window Profiles:" => "應用程式/視窗配置"
"Profile Information" => "配置資訊"
"Setup" => "設置"

#General strings
"Layer" => "層"
"Portable" => "攜帶版"
"All" => "全部"
"Not Defined" => "尚未定義"
"Default: All windows that do not match any profile." => "預設: 所有視窗不符合任何配置"
"&OK" => "確定"
"&Cancel" => "取消"
"OK" => "確定"
"Cancel" => "取消"
"Global Settings" => "全域設置"

#Global settings: General settings
"General" => "全域"
"Mouse &Speed" => "滑鼠速度"
"Ma&ke scroll wheel scroll window under cursor" => "使滾輪可以滾動滑鼠下的視窗"
"B&ypass ALL actions when SCROLL LOCK is ON" => "開啟捲動鎖定鍵時忽略所有動作"
"By&pass 'disabled' actions when SCROLL LOCK is ON" => "開啟捲動鎖定鍵時忽略「禁用」的動作"
"S&wap 4th and 5th buttons" => "交換第四和第五按鍵"
"Sw&ap 4th and 5th buttons when connected by remote desktop (RDP)" => "當連接到遠端桌面(RDP)時交換第四和第五按鍵"
"&Disable when running under remote desktop (RDP)" => "當連接到遠端桌面(RDP)時禁用"
"Show layer switch &balloon notifications" => "在通知區域顯示層切換設置"
"Language" => "語言"

# -- Updated in 2.6 Beta 1 --
"A&ctivate window when scrolling" => "滾動時啟動視窗"
# --

# -- Updated in 2.4 Beta 10 --
"NOTE: You must press OK and apply the settings on the main screen before they take effect. Language changes will not be applied until the main window is re-opened." => "提示: 你必須按在程式主畫面的「確定」或「套用」使設置生效。修改語言介面必須重新打開程式主畫面得以生效"

# The following tag is the LABEL displayed on the general settings page.
# The word 'Author' should be directly translated, ie. Don't put your name here :)
# NOTE: The description labe is also on the setup screen with the same meaning.
"Author" => "作者"
# --

#Global settings: Advanced settings
"Advanced" => "進階"
"NOTE: You must press OK and apply the settings on the main screen before they take effect." => "提示: 你必須按在程式主畫面的「確定」或「套用」使設置生效。"
"Enable profi&le switching on mouse move" => "當滑鼠移動時開啟配置切換"
"Process &Non-Client mouse messages *RECOMMENDED*" => "處理非客戶端的滑鼠訊息(建議)"
"Reset &sticky buttons when any other button is pressed" => "當按下其他滑鼠按鍵時重置相黏鍵"
"R&eset sticky buttons when any other key is pressed" => "當按下其他按鍵時重置相黏鍵"
"Show &tray icon by default" => "預設顯示通知區域圖示"
"&Ignore numlock state for Simulated Keystrokes" => "在模擬按鍵時忽略數字鍵盤狀態"
"Cycle l&ayers by left clicking tray icon" => "左擊通知區域圖示以循環切換層"					# -- Updated in 2.5 beta 4 --
"&Fixup (de-bounce) tilt wheel auto-repeat" => "修正傾斜滾輪自動重複速率"
"&Initial repeat rate" => "初始重複速率"
"&Repeat tilt rate" => "重複傾斜速率"
"(ms)" => ""
"Dela&y between simulated keystrokes" => "模擬按鍵延遲"
"&CPU Priority" => "CPU 優先順序"
"Check for new &version every" => "檢查更新版本"
"days (at application startup)" => "天(當應用程式啟動時)"
"Enable &DEBUG logging" => "開啟除錯日誌"
"*** Debug logging will degrade performance and response times! ***" => "*** 開啟除錯日誌會降低效能和反應時間! ***"

# -- Added in 2.4 Beta 15 --
"Realtime" => "及時"
"High" => "高"
"Above normal" => "高於標準"
"Normal" => "標準"
"Below normal" => "低於標準"
# --

#Global settings: Hotkey tab
"Hotkeys" => "熱鍵"
"Enable &global hotkeys" => "開啟全域熱鍵"
"You can assign your hotkeys using the boxes below..." => "使用下列框配置你的熱鍵"
"Switch to Layer &1" => "切換到層 &1"
"Switch to Layer &2" => "切換到層 &2"
"Switch to Layer &3" => "切換到層 &3"
"Switch to Layer &4" => "切換到層 &4"
"Switch to Layer &5" => "切換到層 &5"
"&Next Layer" => "下一層"
"&Previous Layer" => "上一層"
"&Enable/Disable XMBC" => "啟用/禁用 XMBC"
"&Toggle Debug mode" => "切換除錯模式"
"&Save desktop icon layout" => "保存桌面布局"
"Restore desktop icon &layout" => "還原桌面布局"			# -- Updated in 2.5 beta 4 --
"Toggle &X Axis Lock" => "切換 X 軸鎖定"
"Toggle &Y Axis Lock" => "切換 Y 軸鎖定"
"NOTE: Only valid hotkey combinations will be allowed." => "提示: 只有有效的熱鍵組合被允許"

# -- Added in 2.4 Beta 15 --
"Global hotkeys are disabled when in the settings dialog. You have to apply and close the settings before they will work." => "全域熱鍵在設置視窗會被禁用,套用然後關閉設置視窗得以生效。"

#Global settings: Modifyer key tab
"Modifier Keys" => "組合鍵"
"Enab&le modifier keys (switching layers && axis locking)" => "啟用組合鍵(切換層和軸鎖定)"
"Modifier keys are keyboard shortcuts that will temporarily activate the function while the key combination is held down. As soon as you release the key(s), the previous state will return." => "組合鍵為一鍵盤快捷鍵,當被觸發時會短暫執行快捷鍵的功能;當放開按鍵時會回到先前狀態。"
"Layers" => "層"
"Activate Layer 1" => "激活層 1"
"Activate Layer 2" => "激活層 2"
"Activate Layer 3" => "激活層 3"
"Activate Layer 4" => "激活層 4"
"Activate Layer 5" => "激活層 5"
"Axis Locking" => "軸鎖定"
"Lock X-Axis" => "鎖定 X 軸"
"Lock Y-Axis" => "鎖定 Y 軸"
"NOTE: Axis locking requires that you enable axis locking for each application specific profile where you wish to use axis locking. This allows you to lock axis only for a specific application." => "提示: 鎖定軸時必須啟用該應用程式配置的軸鎖定選項,這可以允許使用者在僅在特定的應用程式下鎖定軸。"
"None" => "ç„¡"
"Shift" => ""
"Control" => ""
"Alt" => ""
"Shift + Control" => ""
"Shift + Alt" => ""
"Shift + Control + Alt" => ""
"Control + Alt" => ""
"Left Window Key" => "左 Windows 鍵"
"Right Window Key" => "右 Windows 鍵"
"App Menu Key" => "開始鍵"

#Context Menus
"Edit" => "編輯"
"Copy" => "複製"
"Remove" => "移除"
"Import" => "匯入"
"Export Selected" => "選擇匯出"
"Export All" => "全部匯出"
"&Layers" => "層"
"Layer &1" => "層 &1"
"Layer &2" => "層 &2"
"Layer &3" => "層 &3"
"Layer &4" => "層 &4"
"Layer &5" => "層 &5"
"&Setup" => "設置"
"&Hide Icon" => "隱藏圖示"
"&Open log file" => "開啟日誌"
"&Disable X-Mouse Button Control" => "禁用 X-Mouse Button Control"
"S&ave desktop icon layout" => "保存桌面布局"
"&Restore desktop icon layout" => "回復桌面布局"
"Exit" => "離開"

#Layer tab(s)
"Layer name" => "層名稱"
"&Left Button" => "滑鼠左鍵"
"&Right Button" => "滑鼠右鍵"
"&Middle Button" => "滑鼠中鍵"
"&Middle Button 2" => "滑鼠中鍵2"
"Mouse Button &4" => "滑鼠功能鍵4"
"Mouse Button &5" => "滑鼠功能鍵5"
"W&heel Up" => "滾輪上滾"
"Wh&eel Down" => "滾輪下滾"
"Tilt Wheel Le&ft" => "滾輪左傾"
"Tilt Wheel Ri&ght" => "滾輪右傾"
"Reset Layer" => "重置層"

# -- Added in 2.4 Beta 17 --
"This item is reserved to when a layer modifier\nis used to switch to this layer.\n\nYou can not select it directly." => "這個物件是為了保留給層修改時可以切換到此層,您不能直接選擇它。"
"Layer changing commands need to be applied to all affected layers.\n\nContinue?" => "層改變指令必須被套用才能對全部的層生效。\n\n繼續?"
"You can not add a LAYER X modifier to this layer because another layer already has a layer modifier setup to this layer.\nDoing so would cause undetermined behaviour and is therefore not supported." => "您不能新增一個層 X 去修改這個層因為已經有相同的層設定。這樣做會導致為預期的結果所以無法支援。"
"If you remove a layer changing command, it will be removed from ALL affected layers.\n\nContinue?" => "如果你移除了層改變的指令,它將會從所有被影響到的層中移除。\n\n繼續?"

#simulated keystrokes
"(undefined)" => "(未定義)"
"(pressed)" => "(按下)"
"(released)" => "(釋放)"
"(during)" => "(持續)"
"(thread-down)" => ""
"(thread-up)" => ""
"(repeat)" => "重複"
"(sticky repeat)" => "重複相黏鍵"
"(sticky hold)" => "按住相黏鍵"
"(pressed & released)" => "按下並釋放"									# -- Added in 2.4 Beta 12 --

#Simulated Keystrokes dialog
"Simulated Keystrokes" => "模擬按鍵"									# -- Updated in 2.4 Beta 15 --
"Enter the custom key(s)" => "輸入自定義按鍵"
"How to send the simulated key strokes:" => "如何送出模擬按鍵"
"1 As mouse button is pressed" => "1 滑鼠按鍵按下"
"2 As mouse button is released" => "2 滑鼠按鍵釋放"
"3 During (press on down, release on up)" => "3 持續(按下並釋放期間)"
"4 In another thread as mouse button is pressed" => "4 在另一個執行序按下滑鼠按鍵"
"5 In another thread as mouse button is released" => "5 在另一個執行序釋放滑鼠按鍵"
"6 Repeatedly while the button is down" => "6 在滑鼠按住時持續重複"
"7 Sticky (repeatedly until button is pressed again)" => "7 相黏鍵(持續重複直到按鍵再度被按下)"
"8 Sticky (held down until button is pressed again)" => "8 相黏鍵(按住直到按鍵再度按下)"
"9 As mouse button is pressed & when released" => "9 當釋放時按下"			# -- Added in 2.4 Beta 12 --
"Only send if profile's process is active" => "僅在該配置的程序在運行狀態下時送出"
"Auto repeat delay" => "自動重複延遲"
"(milliseconds)" => "(毫秒)"
"0 = Windows default repeat delay && speed." => "0= 系統默認重複延遲和速度"
"Type the key sequence into the box above.\r\nYou can simulate the following extended keys using the specified tags..." => "輸入按鍵序列。 \r\n你可以使用以下指定標籤模擬延伸按鍵"
"Modifier tags:\r\n  {CTRL} {RCTRL} {ALT} {RALT} {SHIFT} {RSHIFT} {LWIN} {RWIN} {APPS}\r\n  NOTE:\tmodifier tags can be combined like {CTRL}{ALT} but apply to the NEXT KEY ONLY.\r\n\tFor example, to send CTRL+a+CTRL+s you should type '{CTRL}A{CTRL}S'." => "組合標籤:\r\n  {CTRL} {RCTRL} {ALT} {RALT} {SHIFT} {RSHIFT} {LWIN} {RWIN} {APPS}\r\n  提示:\t組合標籤可以如 {CTRL}{ALT} 但僅對下一次按鍵有效。\r\n\t例如送出 CTRL+a+CTRL+s 訊號你必須輸入 '{CTRL}A{CTRL}S'"
"Direction key tags:\t\t{UP} {DOWN} {LEFT} {RIGHT}\r\nFunction key tags:\t\t{F1, F2, F3 ... F24}\r\nVolume key tags:\t\t{VOL+}, {VOL-}, {MUTE}\r\nMouse button tags:\t\t{LMB}, {RMB}, {MMB}, {MB4/XMB1}, {MB5/XMB2}\r\nMouse wheel tags:\t\t{MWUP}, {MWDN}, {TILTL}, {TILTR}\r\nNumeric keypad tags:\t{NUM0-NUM9} {NUM+} {NUM-} {NUM.} {NUM/} {NUM*}\r\nWeb/Browser keys:\t\t{BACK}, {FORWARD}, {STOP}, {REFRESH}, {WEBHOME},\r\n\t\t\t{SEARCH}, {FAVORITES}\r\nToggle keys:\t\t{NUMLOCKON}, {NUMLOCKOFF}, {CAPSLOCKON}\r\n\t\t\t{CAPSLOCKOFF}, {SCROLLLOCKON}, {SCROLLLOCKOFF}" => "方向鍵標籤:\t\t{UP} {DOWN} {LEFT} {RIGHT}\r\n功能鍵標籤:\t\t{F1, F2, F3 ... F24}\r\n音量鍵標籤:\t\t{VOL+}, {VOL-}, {MUTE}\r\n滑鼠按鍵標籤:\t\t{LMB}, {RMB}, {MMB}, {MB4/XMB1}, {MB5/XMB2}\r\n滑鼠滾輪標籤:\t\t{MWUP}, {MWDN}, {TILTL}, {TILTR}\r\n數字鍵盤標籤:\t{NUM0-NUM9} {NUM+} {NUM-} {NUM.} {NUM/} {NUM*}\r\n瀏覽器標籤:\t\t{BACK}, {FORWARD}, {STOP}, {REFRESH}, {WEBHOME},\r\n\t\t\t{SEARCH}, {FAVORITES}\r\n切換鍵標籤:\t\t{NUMLOCKON}, {NUMLOCKOFF}, {CAPSLOCKON}\r\n\t\t\t{CAPSLOCKOFF}, {SCROLLLOCKON}, {SCROLLLOCKOFF}"
"For example:\r\n  To close a window: {ALT}{F4}\r\n  To select all items: {CTRL}A\r\n  To type bold 'my text' in Microsoft Word: {CTRL}bmy text{CTRL}b\r\n  To send an 'r' key with a 50ms delay between the down and up, {WAITMS50}r\r\n  To turn OFF numlock, {NUMLOCKOFF}" => "例如:\r\n  關閉視窗: {ALT}{F4}\r\n  全選物件: {CTRL}A\r\n  在Microsoft Word 輸入粗體 'my text': {CTRL}bmy text{CTRL}b\r\n  送出一個延遲50毫秒的'r'鍵, {WAITMS50}r\r\n  關閉數字鍵盤, {NUMLOCKOFF}"

# -- Updated in 2.4 Beta 10 --
"NOTE: To avoid lag when using the {WAIT}, {WAITMS}, {HOLD} or {HOLDMS} tags, try using the threaded\r\nsend methods in the dropdown above." => "提示: 為避免使用 {WAIT}, {WAITMS}, {HOLD} 或 {HOLDMS} 造成的延遲現象,請使用上述方法。"

# -- Updated in 2.4 Beta 15 --
"Special function tags:\t{WAIT<n>} inserts a delay of <n> seconds.\r\n\t\t\t{WAITMS<n>} inserts a delay of <n> milliseconds.\r\n\t\t\t{HOLD<n>} holds the next key down for <n> seconds.\r\n\t\t\t{HOLDMS<n>} holds the next key down for <n> milliseconds.\r\n\t\t\t{VKC:<n>} Sends the specified virtual key code.\r\n\t\t\t{EXT:<n>} Sends the specified extended virtual key code.\r\n\t\t\t{CLEAR} Clears any modifier tags {CTRL},{ALT} etc." => "特殊功能標籤:\t{WAIT<n>} 輸入一個 <n> 秒延遲。\r\n\t\t\t{WAITMS<n>} 輸入一個 <n> 毫秒延遲。\r\n\t\t\t{HOLD<n>} 按住下一個按下的按鍵 <n> 秒。\r\n\t\t\t{HOLDMS<n>} 按住下一個按下的按鍵 <n> 毫秒。\r\n\t\t\t{VKC:<n>} 送出一個指定的虛擬鍵碼。\r\n\t\t\t{EXT:<n>} 送出一個指定的延伸虛擬鍵碼。\r\n\t\t\t{CLEAR} 清除任何組合標籤如 {CTRL},{ALT}等等。"

#Run Application dialog
"Type the name of a program, folder, document or internet resource, and XMouse button will open it for you when the button is pressed." => "輸入程式、資料夾、文件或是網址名稱,當滑鼠按下時Xmouse會為您打開。"

#Scrolling tab
"&Invert mouse wheel scrolling" => "反轉滾輪滾動方向"
"I&nvert mouse horizontal (tilt) scrolling" => "反轉滾輪左右滾動方向"
"Wheel scrolls i&n pages instead of lines" => "滾輪滾動一頁"
"Lines to scroll using the scroll wheel:" => "滾輪滾動行數"
"Enable a&xis locking modifier keys" => "啟用軸鎖定組合鍵"
"Advanced Window Scrolling" => "進階視窗滾動"
"&Scroll Method" => "滾動方法"
"&Vertical Lines" => "垂直行數"
"&Horizontal characters" => "水平字元"
"Method 1 (SCROLL Msg)" => "方法1 (滾動訊息)"
"Method 2 (ScrollInfo)" => "方法2 (滾動資訊)"
"Method 3 (Left/Right Keys)" => "方法3 (左/右鍵)"
"Method 4 (Wheel Msg)" => "方法4 (滾輪訊息)"
"Method 5 (WPF Scroll Msg)" => "方法5 (WPF 滾動訊息)"
"None (Disable Scroll)" => "無 (禁用滾輪)"

#About Dialog
"XML support provided by XML++ from Michael at turboirc.com" => "XML 支持由 XML++ 提供,來自 turboirc.com 的 Michael"
"XMBC is distributed freely (with no warranty or guarantee) for the use of anyone, anywhere. If you like XMBC and wish to show your appreciation please feel free to make a donation by clicking the PayPal button below." => "XMBC 可以被自由分發,如果你喜歡 XMBC 可以隨意透過以下 paypal 按鈕捐贈。"
"More information can be found on my download page or user forums." => "更多訊息可以參訪我的下載頁面和論壇。"
"Homepage" => "首頁"
"Donate" => "捐贈"
"Forums" => "論壇"

# -- Added in 2.4 Beta 15 --
"About" => "關於"
"Version" => "版本"	
"This application is designed and written by %s of %s." => "該應用由 %s of %s 設計和開發。" # NOTE: The %s are replace at runtime
# --

#Find Window Dialog
"Find Window" => "尋找視窗"
"Find Method" => "尋找方法"
"Click and drag the window finder icon to the window you want to select." => "點擊和拖曳視窗尋找圖示到您想選擇的視窗上。"
"Hover" => "劃過"
"Move the mouse over the window you want to select && turn on CAPS LOCK to lock the window details in place." => "移動滑鼠到您想選擇的視窗並打開 CAPS LOCK 來鎖定視窗細節訊息。"
"You can also manually enter/edit the window details below." => "您可以手動輸入或編輯視窗細節訊息"
"Window Details" => "視窗細節"
"Caption" => "說明"
"Handle" => "控制代碼"
"&Process" => "程序"
"C&lass" => "é¡ž"
"Pa&rent Class" => "父類"
"Only match if there is no parent class." => "僅匹配沒有父類"
"NOTE: The fields can be empty which will match ALL (*) windows (unless you tick the checkbox for empty parent class). When set, the text must match that of the window's properties." => "提示: 這些欄位可以保持空白,而會套用到全部視窗上(除非您勾選複選框為空的父類)。當設置完成時,文本必須符合視窗的屬性。"

#Choose Application dialog (custom window profile)
"Choose Application" => "選擇應用"
"Select from the list of running applications:" => "從下列運行的應用程式選取:"
"Or type in/browse to the application executable (.EXE) file" => "或是輸入或瀏覽一個可執行的應用程式"
"Application" => "應用程式"
"&Specific Window" => "特定視窗"

# -- Added in 2.4 Beta 15 --
"&Refresh" => "重新整理"
"Process Name" => "程序名稱"
"Window Title" => "視窗名稱"
# --

#Errors/Message boxes
"Please close the settings dialog in order to fully apply your language selection." => "請關閉設置對話窗以套用語言。"
"The specified application already exists.\nYou can not add two entries for the same application." => "指定應用程式已存在。\n您不能同時新增兩個相同條目的應用程式。"
"You must select a profile to remove!" => "您必須選擇一個配置移除!"
"You can not edit the default profile!" => "您不能編輯預設配置!"
"You can not remove the default profile!" => "您不能移除預設配置!"
"You must select a profile to edit." => "您必須選擇一個配置編輯"
"The specified window configuration is invalid!" => "指定視窗設定無效!"
"The specified profile already exists.\nYou can not add two profile entries for the same application/window." => "指定配置已存在。\n您不能同時新增兩個相同配置的條目在同一應用程式中。"
"You must select an application to copy." => "您必須選擇應用程式複製。"
"Do you want to save the changes you have made to the configuration?\n\nWarning: If you say 'No', any changes will be lost!" => "您要儲存更動的設定嗎?\n\n警告: 如果選擇「否」會失去所有更動!"
"Do you want to overwrite proflie" => "您要覆蓋配置嗎?"
"The selected file is not a valid settings file." => "選擇的檔案是無效的設定文件。"
"The log file can not be opened as it does not exist." => "日誌檔案不存在,無法開啟。"
"is unable to open the log file" => "無法開啟日誌檔案"
"Unable to save the desktop icons using your current shell and this version of" => "無法使用當前殼層和此版本儲存桌面配置"
"Unable to restore the desktop icons using your current shell and this version of" => "無法使用當前殼層和此版本回復桌面配置"

# -- Updated in v2.4 Beta 14 --
"There is a new version available!" => "有新版本可用!"
"A new version is available." => "有新版本可用。"
"Click the 'Homepage' button to go and download it." => "點擊「首頁」下載"
"There is a new beta version available!" => "有新的測試版本可用!"
"A new beta version is available." => "有新的測試版本可用。"
"Click the 'Forums' button to go and download it." => "點擊「論壇」下載"
# --

"You have to select or enter a process name, or press cancel." => "您必須選擇或輸入一個程序名稱,或是取消。"
"Enabling debug logging will decrease the performance of the mouse. It is recommended that you only enable this temporarily to assist in problem finding. s such, the debug setting will not be saved." => "開啟除錯日誌會降低滑鼠效能,建議只有在尋找錯誤訊息時開啟。除錯設定將不會被儲存。"
"Are you sure you want to enable debug logging?", => "您確定要啟用除錯日誌?"
"Please be aware that checking if a mouse message is 'non-client', in order to determine if it should be ignored or not, much more processing is required." => "請注意檢查滑鼠訊息是否為「非客戶端」,以決定是否該忽略它。需要更多處理。"
"This can slow down mouse operation in general, sometimes causing strange results." => "這會降低一般滑鼠操作,有時會造成意外的結果。"
"Are you sure you want to ignore non-client messages?" => "您確定要忽略非客戶端訊息嗎?"
"By default, the icon in the system tray (by the clock) is always shown. If you turn this off, there will be no icon in the system tray by default." => "在預設情況下,在系統通知區域的圖示為顯示圖示與通知。如果您關閉它,在系統通知區域的圖示將會預設為關閉。"
"To restore the icon, you can run the program again from your start menu. This will force the icon to be displayed temporarily, allowing you to access this setup screen." => "回復圖示時,您可以從開始從新啟動程式。這可以強制使圖示出現一段時間,讓您可以進入設定頁面調整。"

#Balloon popup windows
"Debugging enabled" => "啟動除錯"
"Debugging disabled" => "關閉除錯"
"Successfully saved desktop icon positions" => "成功儲存桌面布局"
"Successfully restored desktop icon positions" => "成功復原桌面布局"
"Mouse button re-mapping is now disabled" => "滑鼠按鍵重繪已禁用"
"Mouse button re-mapping is now enabled" => "滑鼠按鍵重繪已啟動"

# Actions (displayed in the dropdown lists)
"Left Click" => "點擊左鍵"
"Right Click" => "點擊右鍵"
"Next Window" => "下一視窗"
"Back" => "後退"
"Forward" => "前進"
"Middle Click" => "點擊中鍵"
"Disable" => "禁用"
"Close (Alt+F4)" => "關閉(Alt+F4)"
"Copy (Ctrl+C)" => "複製(Ctrl+C)"
"Cut (Ctrl+X)" => "剪下(Ctrl+X)"
"Double Click" => "雙擊"
"Enter" => "輸入"
"Maximize Window" => "最大化視窗"
"Minimize Window" => "最小化視窗"
"New" => "新增"
"Open" => "打開"
"Paste (Ctrl+V)" => "貼上(Ctrl+V)"
"Redo (Ctrl+Y)" => "重做(Ctrl+Y)"
"Show/Hide Desktop" => "顯示/隱藏 桌面"
"Undo (Ctrl+Z)" => "還原(Ctrl+Z)"
"Media - Mute" => "媒體 - 靜音"
"Media - Volume Up" => "媒體 - 增加音量"
"Media - Volume Down" => "媒體 - 減少音量"
"Media - Next Track" => "媒體 - 下一首"
"Media - Last Track" => "媒體 - 最後一首"
"Media - Stop" => "媒體 - 停止"
"Media - Play/Pause" => "媒體 - 播放/暫停"
"Launch EMail" => "打開電子郵件"
"Simulated Keys" => "模擬按鍵"
"Lock Workstation" => "鎖定工作站"
"Open Explorer" => "打開管理器"
"Open RUN Command" => "打開命令列"
"Restore Window" => "回復視窗"
"Escape" => "取消"
"Open Help" => "打開幫助"
"Open Web Browser" => "打開瀏覽器"
"Browser Stop" => "瀏覽器停止"
"Browser Refresh" => "瀏覽器重新整理"
"Open Search" => "開啟搜尋"
"Browser Favorites" => "查看我的最愛"
"** No Change (Don't intercept) **" => "** 不修改(不攔截) **"
"Run Application" => "打開應用程式"
"Mouse Wheel Up" => "滑鼠滾輪向上"
"Mouse Wheel Down" => "滑鼠滾輪向下"
"Print Screen" => "螢幕截圖"
"Print Active Window" => "當前活動視窗截圖"
"Sticky Left Button [Click-Drag]" => "相黏左鍵(點擊拖放)"
"Sticky Right Button" => "相黏右鍵"
"Sticky Middle Button" => "相黏中鍵"
"Layer (Next)" => "層(下一個)"
"Layer (Previous)" => "層(上一個)"
"Layer 1" => "層 1"
"Layer 2" => "層 2"
"Layer 3" => "層 3"
"Layer 4" => "層 4"
"Layer 5" => "層 5"
"Open Explorer at specified folder" => "開啟指定資料夾"
"Open Explorer at My Documents" => "開啟我的文件"
"Open Explorer at My Computer" => "開啟我的電腦"
"Open Explorer at Network Favourites" => "開啟網路最愛"
"Open Control Panel" => "開啟控制面板"
"Double Click Drag" => "雙擊拖曳"
"Mouse Wheel Tilt Left" => "滾輪左傾"
"Mouse Wheel Tilt Right" => "滾輪右傾"
"Scroll Window Up" => "視窗上捲"
"Scroll Window Down" => "視窗下捲"
"Scroll Window Left" => "視窗左捲"
"Scroll Window Right" => "視窗右捲"
"Previous Window" => "前一個窗口"
"Activate Screensaver" => "啟動螢幕保護程式"
"Activate Monitor Power Saving" => "啟動螢幕省電模式"
"** Same As Default Profile **" => "** 和默認配置相同 **"
"Sticky 4th Button" => "相黏第 4 按鍵"
"Sticky 5th Button" => "相黏第 5 按鍵"
"Change Movement to Scroll" => "修改移動為捲動"
"Change Movement to Scroll (Sticky)" => "修改移動為捲動(相黏)"
"Sticky Left Button [Click-Drag] X-Axis" => "相黏左鍵(點擊拖放) X 軸"
"Sticky Left Button [Click-Drag] Y-Axis" => "相黏右鍵(點擊拖放) Y 軸"

# -- Updated in 2.4 Beta 12 --
"Flip 3D" => ""
"ALT-TAB" => ""
"Show sidebar" => "顯示側邊攔"
"Reveal Desktop" => "顯示桌面"							 # -- Added in 2.4 Beta 12 -- same action as Show sidebar
"** Same As Layer 1 (current profile) **" => "** 和層 1 (當前配置)相同**"  # -- Added in 2.4 Beta 12 --

# -- Updated in 2.4 Beta 15 --
"Layer Modifier Revert" => "回復層修改"

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