press left mouse button really hard

x64 Replacement/Alternative to Microsoft's IntelliMouse application.
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press left mouse button really hard

Post by thufana »

Have to press left mouse button really hard to get it to work? The last few days, I've had to press the left mouse button really hard in order to get it to work. The right mouse button is fine and only requires the usual amount of force. Anyone know what the problem could be and how to fix it?

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Re: press left mouse button really hard

Post by XpanD »

Might be a switch that has gone bad below the left mouse button. I've had it happen several times (Logitech M570 trackballs, known issue with the scroll wheel), and usually warranty is the way to go. I did manage to solder in a new switch once (which worked!), but it came off after a while as I could not get a tight fit with the tools I had at hand.

If the mouse has some extra keys (and they'd make sense ergonomically), see if XMBC can rebind another key to be the left mouse button. If that doesn't work adequately, consider using your warranty (if any) or getting a new mouse entirely.

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