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Guild Wars 2 and weird scroll button behaviour

Posted: Thu May 30, 2013 9:49 am
by Wrek
Hi. I use XMBC for my games where the mouse scroll wheel is not supported and is generelly locked to zoom in/out. I like to use my 4 way scroll button for abilites so have tried to set up XMBC so that it uses PGUP and PGDN (or others) for mouse scroll functions. Then I bind abilities in game to PGUP/PGDN and I'm good to go.

The problem with GuildWars2 is that the scroll down button on my mouse also makes my character jump in the game too and I cannot figure out why, my character jumps every time just like I am hitting the space bar too at the same time, but I am not. Scrolling up and thereby emulating PGUP doesn't do it. It only does it on the down stroke. Its not any in-game settings I've gone mad checking (and its not the evade mechanic). There is a 40ms delay between simualted keystrokes in XMBC but again here if thats the culprit then it should replicate the problem when I scroll up on the mouse, no?

I can live with it as it does fire off the right abilites, but its annoying after a while, moreso because I cannot fix it. Any help appreciated.

Win8 x64
Logitech G 700 mouse
Logitech gaming Software 8.45.88

EDIT: Okay I've just load up Rift as thats another game that doesn't offer scroll wheel support and is locked to zoom in/out. Using the same basic settings in XMBC my character in Rift also jumps on scroll down (scroll wheel is now set to emulate uparrow & downarrow this time). So it doesn't look like its game specific.