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Conflict - New develpment? (Request)

Posted: Fri Mar 29, 2013 9:08 pm
by sanscrito
Hi Phil

First of all: Thanks for this wonderful Software, it's amazing.

I'm writing because recently I've bought a new mouse: SilverCrest STMS 2219. Cheap but button-gifted (6 button + 4D wheel) 11 possible buttons to configure.

The thing is that your app works fine with this mouse, but it didn't recognise 2 more buttons. If (at the same time) I install its original driver I have the possibility to recognize the extra buttons, but XMouse doesn't like it and strange interactions happens.

The original driver for this mouse, can be download at: www .

Could this helps to develop a fix, or help to enable more buttons in XMouse?

Whatever your answer is, THANKS AGAIN for your wonderful software.