Is there any standar or usual preset profile to import?

x64 Replacement/Alternative to Microsoft's IntelliMouse application.
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Is there any standar or usual preset profile to import?

Post by Allekz »

Hello Phil!

First of all, THANK YOU for this great software. I think it can join in ONE program the tools that I used to get from many different applications, without which I just can't live:

1) Volumouse: with which I can control the sound volume by the mouse wheel (up and down).

2) MouseImp: which allows to scroll any window (up-down or right-left, depending on the first movement of the cursor) by holding down the rightbutton.

3) KatMouse: bring to front the next window, by middle-click.

4) Always MouseWheel: allows scroll the window (and window pane) that is just under the mouse cursor.

5) And also the need to set Wondows to make "active" the window in which the mouse cursor is present (control panel / accesibility...)

I have tried so many little programs for a long time, but I have never found the perfect choice. And since I upgraded to Win7 64bits it seems more dificult to get it. Now I guess that XMBC can be MY solution!!...

Nevertheless, I feel dificult to me to learn how to set all those profiles, so that I can get my usual commnads in mouse wheel and buttons. My question is: Is it possible to find those 5 effects already set in a file that I can get to import in my XMBC?

If that or those files doesn't exist, can I find a step-by-step instructions to build those tools?...

Thanks in advance.

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