X-Mouse locking up key presses

x64 Replacement/Alternative to Microsoft's IntelliMouse application.
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X-Mouse locking up key presses

Post by tytalus »

Hi Phil/group,

I hope you can help me with the following, possibly a continuation of the issue at viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1002:

1) I installed x-mouse
2) I set up a simulated key sequence in Layer 2 for the right mouse button (a series of key presses for a Facebook/Flash game which don't use the RMB anyway - {RIGHT}{LMB}{RIGHT}{LMB}{RIGHT}{LMB}{RIGHT}{LMB}{RIGHT}{LMB}{RIGHT}{LMB}{RIGHT}{LMB})
3) Set up a series of keys to switch between Layers 1 (no key mapping) and Layer 2 (only the right mouse button).
4) Test the sequence in the game appears to work
5) Within seconds of using the function I can't LMB on anything outside of the flash window. I also tested it in MS Word: same fault, will let me LMB click in the Word window, but nowhere else on Windows (X-Mouse panel is still showing LMB clicks).
6) Frantically press the RMB a few times and all of a sudden the Word window goes crazy, but I then get full windows functionallity back.

I'm not the only user of this programme with the game we play (Battle Pirates), but I appear to be the only one having issues.

Any ideas? X-mouse was briefly brilliant and I want to see if I can get it to work so it remains so!



Relevant System Specs
AMD Phenom 940
Windows 7 - 64bit
Logitech MX 1000 laser mouse (Wireless)

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