x64 Replacement/Alternative to Microsoft's IntelliMouse application.
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Postby phil » Fri Jun 02, 2006 3:24 pm

Here is the current FAQ that can be seen on the main download page.

Is there a user manual?
Yes there is a relatively simple user guide, produced by MainTrane, that explains the various screens in XMBC. It can be found on your start menu after installation, or online here or here (mirror).

Why do I need XMouse?
XMouse is a small and efficient application to remap your mouse buttons. Originally, I wrote XMBC because Microsoft was slow to release a proper working Intellipoint package for Windows XP x64. They have released such a package now but as far as I'm concerned, they were too slow!. Anyway, XMouse is tiny in comparison and takes far fewer system resources.

I've installed XMouse, now what?
XMouse will run automatically when you start windows (or log on to windows). it is also available to run in your START menu under "Highresolution Enterprises". When XMouse runs, a little mouse icon is visible in the system tray (by the clock). Double click the icon to open the setup window. Right click the icon to show the menu.

NOTE: On Windows Vista and later, the system tray icon may be hidden. You can normally see the hidden icons by clicking the "show hidden icons" link (up arrow) to the left of the system tray:


What's with the Pay Pal button - isn't XMouse free?
XMouseButtonControl is and always will be free. The donate button is just that, if you want to show your thanks and support feel free to use it. If you don't, it doesn't matter. It is not my intention to charge for XMouse, or give people who donate any special treatment or quicker fixes/responses.
Of course, all donations are appreciated and do help with the motivation sometimes :)

Can I use XMBC in a corporate environment - what is the license?
As I said above, XMBC is free - you can use it where ever you want. All I ask is that if you want to redistribute XMBC (for example on a magazine cover CD) you ask me first.
As for license - there isn't one, XMBC is a hobby project, not commercial. The only important things are that you use XMBC at your own risk and I cant be held responsible for anything, as described in the installation license page.

My simulated keystrokes do not work in games, what can I do?
Some games do not react well to simulated keys. There are various reasons for this, for example, some actively block injected keystrokes to prevent cheating. I have created a dedicated thread for this issue, with some suggested actions to try to resolve the problems.

Can you add support for more buttons?
Unfortunately, as XMouse is not a driver, it is only capable of responding the messages sent by the mouse driver and supported natively by Windows. The basic generic HID/MS mouse driver sends only messages for the first 5 buttons. The new Logitech drivers for x64 also only send the first 5 buttons so until Windows recognizes more buttons natively, XMouse will only ever support 5 buttons.

NOTE: The x64 Logitech software does support all the buttons but even with these drivers and software installed, XMouse itself can see no more than 5 buttons.

I have a keyboard with extra buttons. Can you support the extra buttons that don't currently work in XP64?
Unfortunately, the keyboard support for extra buttons is limited to the driver. You will find, certainly on a MS keyboard, that some of the extra buttons work and some don't. The ones that don't work can not be changed because it would require a driver (like the extended mouse buttons above). Therefore, I am unable, in a program such as XMouse to map these buttons.

Can you implement this extra functionality for me?
PM or Email me or post to this forum your request and maybe I can help - but don't expect an immediate resolution,
XMouse is pretty stable now and there are alternatives like the proper Logitech drivers - so its not going to change too often! :)

I've found a bug, can you fix it?
Again, PM/Post here, follow the rules and include as much information about the problem and I'll do my best to help. Don't forget that XMBC is something I do in my spare time so there will be no promises on timescales!

Can I have the source code?
XMouse is not open source, its just free to download and use.
This is mainly because I cant be bothered to make it nice and tidy. I don't plan on giving the source away - but it is very simple - it just uses windows mouse hooks.

I found all the info to build XMouse in MSDN (look for SetWindowsHookEx())

Does XMouse support Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10?
I have tested both the 32bit and 64bit versions of Vista (inc SP1) and Server 2008 and it works for all. I have also been successfully using XMBC with Window 7, 8, 8.1 & 10 (both x64 and x86 editions).
There are several Vista, 7, 8 & 10 only options now in XMBC that apply to specific versions of windows, such as opening the charms bar in Windows 8/8.1, Flip3d in Vista and 7 or navigating virtual desktops in Windows 10!

NOTE: Prior to version 2.6, if you are using UAC (on by default) then XMouse will not work with programs running in Administrator mode unless XMouse is run in Administrator mode. Version 1.39 and later attempts to circumvent this using a system service to launch XMBC elevated if your account has the ability to do this but obviously a standard user will still be limited to non elevated processes unless you explicitly launch XMBC as administrator and provide account credentials.

NOTE: As of version 2.11, XMouse no longer supports Windows 2000.

Why is version 1.20 (and later) so much bigger than 1.17?
That's simple, I have moved the development project from Visual Studio .Net 2003 (with limited x64 support) to visual Studio 2005 (now its 2008) which has much better support and a new version of MFC, ALT and the C++ run-time. The reason the installer is bigger it that it has to include all the run-time distributions in case you don't have them! The actual application is not a lot bigger (in fact may be slightly smaller and faster!)

When I run XMouseButtonControl, I get an error saying missing DLL or "Side by Side" error.
Several users had this problem, especially running the 32Bit version in Windows 2000. I spent some time ensuring the installation kit had the correct files and I hope that this won't happen again, but if it does, please email me all the details, I will try and ensure the installation kit is updated with the missing dependency.
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Postby phil » Mon Mar 03, 2008 1:47 am

After installing Vista SP1 XMouse no longer works
I have several people note that after installing Vista SP1 XMouse no longer works. They were able to solve the issue by re-installing XMouse, so if you have this problem, try re-installing XMouse before anything else!

I have more than one mouse/trackball on my system; Does XMouse have the capability to distinguish between different mice?
Unfortunately, XMBC does not have access to any information that provides the source of the input. Therefore it can not determine where the input came from. I believe to do this would require something in the mouse driver or using Direct Input which does not fit easily with the mouse hooks.

The Icon in the system tray has disappeared and won't come back... How do I fix this?
Version 1.25 and later includes a feature to always hide the icon. You enable this by un-ticking the "Show tray icon by default" option in the setup screen.
Once you disable the icon, it will only be shown if you run a second copy of XMouse (from your start menu) or you run XMouse with the command line option to show the icon (/ShowIcon).

So, to fix it, just run XMouse a second time (don't worry it doesn't actually run two instances of XMouse, it just tells the first instance to show its icon!). NOTE: On Windows Vista and later, you may have to run as administrator to show the icon (if the main XMBC is running as admin).

Zone Alarm does not work with XMouse Button control enabled
Several people have reported problems using Zone Alarm with XMouse Button Control installed. The reason for this is that Zone Alarm, being a nice secure application, does not allow simulated mouse events to control it. Therefore the default actions in XMBC do not appear to work with Zone Alarm.

The simple fix is to set the Left and Right buttons to "Nothing (Don't Intercept)" in the settings. You can do this for all applications or you can add a specific configuration for the Zone Alarm program (iclient.exe) and set it up just for that.

NOTE: From Version 1.25, the default actions for the 3 main buttons have been set to "Nothing (Don't intercept)" which should help avoid this issue in the future, as well as improve performance when the buttons don't need to do anything special!
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Re: FAQs

Postby phil » Tue Jan 27, 2009 12:00 am

I am unable to install XMBC 1.39 - 1.46.
This is only relevant to versions PRIOR to 1.47 which uses the Nullsoft Installer.
Some people have reported that they are unable to install XMBC 1.39 on Vista x86 edition. So far I have no concrete answer to this problem but it is likely to be related to the under the hood code and development environment from VC++ 2005 Sp1 to VC++ 2008 Sp1. If you have an error during installation, which causes the install to roll back, try installing the MS VC++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable pack for your OS (x86 or x64).
If this does not help, please post, PM or email me and I will try to help you solve the problem.

Can you add tilt wheel support to Windows XP and earlier?
The simple answer is NO.
Only Windows Vista and later has native support for the tilt wheel (left and right) commands. On earlier versions of Windows, the mouse driver needs to handle these messages and translate them into user actions. As XMBC is not a driver it never sees the standard messages as they are not there pre-Vista; therefore it can not remap them.

How can I send a custom key press or key sequence?
In the drop down list of functions associated with each button, you can select Simulated Keystrokes. When you choose this, a dialog appears allowing you to specify the key (or key sequence). This dialog also has a help panel details how you can use special tags for certain system keys like the F-keys, arrow keys, CTRL, ALT keys etc.

What are layers (XMBC 1.49 and later)?
Layers give you the ability to configure different commands for a single button. You can switch to a layer using a keyboard hotkey or another mouse button is held down. From version 1.50, you can also switch to a layer when a certain key is held down, see Layer Modifier keys in the advanced settings dialog.
From 1.53, you can specify the layer names. These names are displayed in the balloon bubble when switching between layers.

Please note: In 1.52 and earlier, the Global Hotkey and Layer Modifier key tabs are hidden until you turn ON the global hotkey / layer modifier key support in the general settings tab. This was changed in 1.53 to remove confusion. The enable options are now displayed on the relevant tabs

XMBC stops working randomly in Windows 7
When using on Windows 7, XMBC can stop responding to mouse click seemingly randomly. This is not strictly a bug in XMBC but a change in the behaviour of Windows. Windows 7 introduced the concept of a timeout for system hooks (the method XMBC uses to monitor the mouse). If the CPU is busy (eg. playing HD movies) XMBC may not be scheduled (by windows) in time to respond to the hook before this timeout occurs. When this happens, the hook is removed without notification (thanks Microsoft!) and XMBC appears to have stopped working. Restarting it or pressing Apply in the settings screen fixes the problem until it happens again.

The only solution to this is to increase the LowLevelHookTimeout value (in the registry for now). If you need more info contact me. In future versions I will attempt to work around the problem, or provide a way to configure the timeout to better suit XMBC).

See here for more information.

Icons in XMBC 1.53 and later
From version 1.53, the default icon has changed to a new mouse icon. Its cleaner and looks more modern. The layer icons & disable icons has also been updated.

Whats more, you are able to use you own icons by creating icon .ico files in the same folder as the main executable (XMouseButtonControl.exe). Simply create icon files with 16x16 or 32x32 (auto-resized) icon images.

The supported icon file names are:
  • Layer1.ico
  • Layer2.ico
  • Layer3.ico
  • Layer4.ico
  • Layer5.ico
  • Disabled.ico

How do I disable the check for new version?
XMBC 1.53 Introduced a simple version check. It operates once a month (on the first day you start XMBC in that month). All it does is check the current version using a call to my website (http://www.highrez.co.uk). It is enabled by default, but can be turned off in the advanced settings, general tab. When its turned on, you can quickly check for a new version by opening the about box (it will pop up a message if there is a new version available).

From version 2.2 you can also adjust how frequently XMBC checks for new versions in the general settings tab.

Where are the XMBC settings and profiles saved. Can I export them?

Firstly, you can export individual profiles, or all (except the default) profile by selecting the profile, right clicking it and choosing export selected or export all. However this only exports profiles, not generic settings.

The settings are stored in an XML file called

By default, on Windows Vista and later, this is in your user profile folder:

C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\Highresolution Enterprises\XMouseButtonControl

However this can be changed during installation when it asks you where to store the settings (and language packs and log file).

NOTE: You can quickly open the folder by holding the CTRL key and clicking the XMBC icon system tray.

I've just installed XMBC 2.6 or later and I'm having problems with macros in some programs

XMBC 2.6 onwards no longer uses a Windows service to launch the application on Windows Vista and later. Instead it does things properly and runs as an accessibility tool (like the on screen keyboard). To run in this mode, XMBC has to be installed in an OS protected location (i.e. the Program Files folder).

If you choose to install XMBC in a different folder it will run in portable mode and certain functions will not work. You will not be able to run macros in elevated processes and certain macros will not work as expected (such as ALT+TAB). This impacts Windows 8 more than earlier versions.

It is highly recommended that you install XMBC under you main Program Files folder which is the default location. If you have not done so, uninstall XMBC and then re-install it in the default location.
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Re: FAQs

Postby phil » Mon Jun 08, 2009 8:23 pm

If you have a question that is not answered here, first check that no one else has asked the question by searching this forum. If not, please sign up to the forums and post a new topic in the XMouse Button Control forum here.

Alternatively you can PM me or email me directly (but I prefer the first two options as I often miss emails that get marked as SPAM).

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