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by jmnduc
Sun Mar 22, 2020 5:57 am
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Simulated Keys

In the Simulated Keys option, may I suggest for the field "Enter the custom key(s)" a drop down list of all previous history keys (if possible with the choice to delete some of the history and it doesn't have to be a long history, like around 10) so that I don't have to retype again.
by jmnduc
Mon Dec 15, 2014 8:12 pm
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Hi, First I would like to thank you for XMBC, I love it. I don't know if it's already done(I don't think so or I couldn't find it), asked or feasible but here is what I suggest: There are some combinations that can be done when using the mouse like(/ means or): - mouse button right/left/4/5 click an...